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significance over success

Why I favour significance over success

Publicado abril 30, 2024 por Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.


In today’s fast-paced world, success is often highlighted as the ultimate goal across various industries. From social media influencers to bestselling books on Amazon, everyone seems to be obsessed with defining and achieving success. Yet, it’s essential to ask ourselves what truly holds lasting value – is it mere success, or is it something deeper, like significance?

Significance Versus Success

Success is typically measured by material wealth, status, or personal achievements. However, significance goes beyond these surface-level accolades. It’s about the impact you make on others and the legacy you leave behind. It’s not merely about «who I am» but significantly about «who I am to you.»

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Key Reasons to Prioritize Significance:

  1. Fulfillment Over Short-term Gains:

    While success can offer immediate satisfaction, it often compromises long-term happiness and personal well-being. In contrast, significance nurtures personal growth, happiness, and a positive legacy, leading to deeper fulfillment.

  2. Building Meaningful Connections:

    Significance cultivates deeper, more meaningful relationships. By valuing significance, you invest in connections that not only potentially offer opportunities for success but also enrich your life profoundly.

  3. Resilience and Longevity:

    Unlike the fleeting nature of success, significance endures. By focusing on making a meaningful impact within your community or field, you ensure your efforts resonate long after your direct involvement ends, thereby inspiring future generations.

  4. Balancing Success and Significance:

    You don’t have to sacrifice success to achieve significance. Both can coexist harmoniously. Success can naturally follow when you are committed to making a significant impact through setting and pursuing meaningful goals.

  5. The Happiness Factor:

    Research indicates that prioritizing significance over success leads to happier, more fulfilling lives. Individuals focusing on significance often experience a greater sense of purpose that transcends traditional achievements.


While success is not without its merits, significance offers a deeper, more enriching path. It allows us to leave a positive mark on the world and derive happiness through impactful connections and personal growth. Ultimately, what remains most crucial is the legacy we create – one that outlives the conventional pursuit of success.

Consider what is genuinely important to you and aim to enhance your life’s significance to those around you.

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