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Why I Chose Agriculture

Published May 12, 2021 by Boma N-Chris, Technical Sales Professional

Every so often someone asks me why I chose agriculture? In all honesty, it was not on the top of my list during my early school days. However, as I look back, I can see important moments that guided me. I chose agriculture for many reasons. Here I highlight one “lightbulb moment” that drew me to choose agriculture for my career.


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I grew up in Nigeria. Agriculture has always been a core part of Nigeria’s economy, especially in the 1990’s. It is not only Nigeria, but every country has an agriculture sector making up a tangible percentage of its economy. My undergraduate years were at the University of Manitoba, Canada, I studying to be an engineer.  I have always had a huge heart and interest for problem solving merged with creativity. Going through my undergraduate years I thought about what area gives me opportunity and has room for never-ending growth. After taking a couple of elective courses I discovered agriculture. An area that excited me was the 2nd sustainable development goal: Zero hunger. This hit home for me. I wanted to be a part of this.  In 2019, I graduated with a BSc in Agronomy and Crop Science. As an undergraduate, I was required to take all the courses in the different areas of the Faculty: agribusiness, plant science, soil science, plant genetics and physiology, animal science, plant biotechnology, statistics, ecology, soil and water management. This has enabled me to have enough solid foundation to fit into any area of agriculture.


Plant breeding is one of the areas where science and arts meet, as Agronomix President briefly wrote. Think of science in terms of gaining insights to solve a problem, then art is creatively visualizing and communicating the solution. Because the breeding process starts off with understanding the traits that the new varieties ought to possess, there is art in choosing what the new variety should look like so it remains appealing to the consumers. Plant breeding is an important and fascinating innovation of Agriculture. It is increasing food production to meet the demand of a growing world population. Agronomix is working hard behind the scenes and greatly contributing to this.

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Genovix® is an exceptional and comprehensive plant breeding software launched in 2019. Our plant breeding clients across the globe can attest to the importance of software like Genovix in the breeding world. As a result, it is safe to say that Agronomix is not just serving now, but also serving the future of Agriculture. While Genovix is not the only breeding software out there, what makes it most exceptional is the people and organization that make Genovix happen.


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Agronomix sees through the eyes of plant breeders due to having three experienced breeders making up a key part of the team. Agronomix understands the perspective of the plant breeder. They have a passion to serve the world, starting with their valued clients. This was important in my decision to chose to work with Agronomix Software. They are frequently complemented on their outstanding client support. In addition, honesty and transparency are some of the key values at their foundation that keeps Agronomix’ exceptional support a reality.

Because the world of plant breeding is always growing, Agronomix continuously invests in its employees to keep them at the top. Not only are the clients valued, but so are the employees.  Thus, it is not a surprise that Agronomix is the place for me to be for the long run.


I am so glad I chose agriculture, and I am very happy to be serving breeders through Agronomix Software. It is a great pleasure to be a part of a great team that is changing the world one step at a time.

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