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Corporate Art Gallery for Greater Inspiration

Published February 5, 2019 by Dieter K Mulitze, PhD, Founder and CEO, Agronomix Software, Inc.

Agronomix Software has added a corporate art gallery to the walls of its office in Winnipeg. The photographs are all taken by former Winnipeg resident Karissa Leonard (, who moved to Europe six years ago to broaden her portfolio.

KJLeonard Photography provided all art for the Agronomix Gallery

“I’ve watched this young photographer blossom since she took some family photos for me in Sears Portrait Studio 10 years ago”, says Founder and CEO Dieter Mulitze. “She has also recently been to some places that hold a special meaning to me”. Mulitze refers specifically to Morocco where he worked for 4 years before starting Agronomix Software. This history is certainly obvious from entering the Agronomix offices. As you walk onto the second floor four striking images greet you; one of canola, one of wheat and two of Morocco.

Reflecting Company Foundations

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“I started out by thinking I wanted to adorn the walls with crop photos and plants. Things directly linking us to our clients. The more I thought about it, I also wanted to display the foundation of Agronomix Software. So, I selected two photos from Morocco as a reminder of my time there as a plant breeder with the University of Nebraska on a development project. Other photos include locations in France and Venice where Mulitze travelled taking a family vacation 30 years ago. It was shortly after this road-trip that Mulitze was on Flight 155 which led to the pivotal moment that started Agronomix Software.

Half of the gallery is placed in the programming area to encourage creativity and drive inspiration. Mulitze adds, “Our programmers have worked incredibly hard in the last few months to further develop our variety testing and plant breeding software”. The rest of the photos are placed in common areas like reception and the boardroom.

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Mulitze concludes, “We are very grateful to Karissa for all her hard work, help and advice in selecting appropriate art for our walls. I will continue to watch her career with great interest.”

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