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7 Reasons Why Plant Breeding Software is Crucial in the Time of COVID

Published March 22, 2021 by Boma N-Chris, Technical Sales Professional

Plant Breeding Software is always important but it is even more important, some would say crucial, during the time of COVID-19. Here we outline 7 reasons why Plant breeding software, like Genovix® from Agronomix Software, is crucial during these uncertain COVID times.

COVID-19 And Genovix

When COVID-19 hit, plant breeders equipped with a plant breeding software like Genovix proved to be one step ahead. The presence of COVID-19 put organizations in a state of confusion as everyone tried to function effectively amidst the pandemic. COVID-19 tremored the entire world, from spreading fear to distorting the world’s economy. However, there is a community within the agriculture sector that were never disarmed and kept persistence throughout the spread. The plant breeders equipped with breeding software like Genovix® from Agronomix, were one step ahead working on conventional breeding techniques.

Plant breeding has tremendously amplified food and fiber production over the past few decades. This proves the essential role it plays in food security for the ever-increasing world population. The focus gains more attention during the first three quarters in 2020 since the Novel-Corona Virus hit the globe.

The different aspects of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a continuing and viable approach to discourse apprehensions over having an ample diet and keeping the food foundations safe. Plant breeding proceeds on many practices, breeding for:

  • disease resistance
  • aggregate production
  • leading novel varieties
  • refining drought tolerance.

As a scientist, you know that pests and plant pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi always keep on adapting. This process could cause crops to lose resistance to the specific pathogens they were bred for. Similarly, a crop cultivated for a breeding purpose never stops growth and flowering, and it is demanding to take all necessary observations within the set time limits. Since plant breeders know how their programs could help growers make critical decisions on their crops, they rely on the most trusted plant breeding software – Genovix. This has a proven history of enabling plant breeders get their work done better and quicker. As a result, they are one step ahead by experiencing the advantages of using plant breeding software while staying at home.

The main areas where software helps researchers are:

1.    Productivity

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A lot of organizational management is required for better productivity as employees navigate working from home. Breeders equipped with plant breeding software while working from home proved to be more organized when compared with those who work on Excel spreadsheets. Breeders know it is difficult to find and track down information from multiple documents, instead of a single resource and few clicks, as is with Genovix by Agronomix.

2.    Organization is crucial during COVID

Plant breeding research programs find it tough to have all their employees using the same naming rules, the same traits, and the same data whereas, software makes it possible to access data for multiple characteristics by several users at a time. When they used plant breeding software, they are free of stress for figuring out the name of a genotype and scoring the real traits since software algorithms help them perform it quickly.

3.    Time Efficient

Because most organizations had to limit the number of on-site employees, each on-site worker had to do a bit more compared to their counterparts working from home. Due to increased work pressures, it becomes vital for many breeders to have proper plant breeding software to be more productive. The software helps them to manage their breeding data and plan to plant with more efficiency compared to others using Excel sheets. Furthermore, they can enable their field data to sink directly to Genovix using the Genovix Mobile® application built specifically for this purpose. Afterward they can access, organize, and analyze this data from the location of their choice and thus saving several hours.

4.    Error Free

Unsurprisingly, a mistake occurs when you have tight deadlines and limited staff and coworkers to assist. When working in Excel, it can be laborious to find errors. Breeders that use Genovix are alerted when there is an error.. Or, even better, an error can be avoided altogether without assistance. Error-avoidance is the biggest advantage, since mistakes in breeding programs can devastate results.

5.    Data Management is crucial during COVID

Currently, plant breeding associated data include documents, internal data, and the data related to genetic resources. This data is not only large but also unorganized, even in conventional breeding. Genovix Users enjoy the increased breeding efficiency that results from its ability to easily classify huge amount of genome data.

6.    Data Configuration

Genovix follows breeding algorithm. The configuration of dynamic binding data and management algorithms helps them in real breeding analyses for complete breeding process control. The big data management services ease their breeding operations with precise decisions on workflow and accessibility.

7.    Peace of Mind is crucial during COVID

Finally, yet importantly, having so many advantages and perks for using a plant breeding program, it also offers peace of mind. They are free of worries and can work either from home or office with an assurance that their work and achievements were safe in all respects, and they could access their breeding data sitting in any corner of the world.

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