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Impact of growth on company’s Culture

Published March 3, 2021 by Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.

Growth is an unavoidable process which many organizations have to undergo. To accommodate this growth, there are some processes that take place. For example: increase in cash flow, increase in number of employees, increase in departmental functions, increase in machineries and activities, and so forth. Such growth will translate to culture and change, where the culture of the organization is affected and changes are made.

Employee Engagement

When an organization is still at its entry level, employee’s engagement is easily managed and rewarded. This because there are few manageable employees. However, when the number increases, the company has to build a culture of nurturing employee engagement. This can be achieved through through promotions, mentions, or rewards. Thereby, inspiring other employees to embrace those values too.

Conflict Management

As the organization continues to grow, pressure keeps setting in due to much work and strict deadlines. As a result, conflicts arise because employees might have unclear job roles. Therefore, an organization must develop a culture where employees have their clear roles of accountability as well as developing a plan to work on conflicts. Establishing clear roles of duty and accountability minimizes the chances of conflicts. This also enhances the workflow of operations in the organization.

Infrastructure Fail

Growth is important and a beautiful thing to a company. This does not only denote success of the company, but it also means the company has the right values. However, growth brings changes that overwhelm existing software which often fails to support additional complexity. Such issues slow down the productivity of the company and jeopardizes its competency. As such, the organization has to restructure its infrastructure to accommodate the equivalent growth.

Productivity Might Drop

As much as it can be exciting when the company grows, this always calls for changes that must be implemented. Inadequate onboarding of employees can be less productive because old/present employees might be scrambling to train new coworkers. As such, this shifts the main focus of establishing company’s main goal. This can be resolved by hiring the right number of employees and establishing workshops and trainings specifically for new employees.


Growth is, therefore, a transformational package. It comes with changes and culture that an organization has to embrace to stay competitive. With the high technology and dynamic generations, organizations need to stay updated regarding trends, technology, political and environmental issues so that they can appropriately respond to the growth.

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