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e-learning with Agronomix

How Agronomix E-Learning Empowers Employees & Benefits Your Bottom Line

Published October 17, 2022 by Amy Doherty, Group Marketing Manager, Agronomix Software Inc.

It was Leonardo da Vinci that said, “Learning never exhausts the mind,” and at Agronomix, we’ve long recognised the value of continuous learning. In fact, did you know that companies with strong learning cultures have higher employee retention rates ranging from 30 to 50%? Recognizing this, Agronomix continue to support businesses in fostering a learning culture through our long-standing and well-established e-learning opportunities.

The world has undergone a dramatic technological shift in the last few years. We used online systems to communicate with colleagues, family, and friends, as well as to operate our businesses day-to-day. This change appears to be here to stay post-pandemic, especially when it comes to learning. According to Tech Jury research, the US e-learning market will grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024. This dramatic increase in growth is likely due to the fact that 89% of employees now want training available wherever and whenever they need it to do their job. Your development opportunities should not be limited to your workplace or desk. They but should be available to you whenever and wherever you need them.

Benefits of E-Learning

Studies conducted over the last few years have found that employees who receive committed training demonstrated increased levels of organisational commitment and were willing to go the extra mile to support teams and accept group goals. Despite this, a survey by Lorman found that 76% of employees still believed their companies should provide more digital skills training and only 44% of them reported that their employers currently do!

We get it, e-learning may not appear to be as effective as traditional training at first glance. However, the data speaks for itself, and it says otherwise! 85% of online learners said their experience with e-learning was better, or equally as effective as, their face-to-face classes. Better yet, IBM training report that employees can learn up to 5x more using online learning techniques compared to traditional in person learning methods.

Furthermore, e-learning offers a low-cost alternative for training opportunities. Not every business has the luxury of investing in training courses. Since e-learning is conducted through digital channels, businesses can save on several costs. For example, training venues, accommodation, travel, and materials. The bottom line is that a well-trained workforce is a best performing one. With a motivated and engaged workforce, your business can usher in improved customer satisfaction, revenue, profit, and a more generally improved bottom line.

Learning with Agronomix

Agronomix provide e-learning opportunities unmatched by other providers in the industry. Our team work with you to understand your crop, your needs and what you want to accomplish with our software. New software licenses are already coupled with several hours of live, online, personal training with one of our PhD-level plant breeders. To compliment this, we provide additional learning opportunities. We provide courses for over 100 plant breeders and variety testers from around the world, each year.

We also offer private, customized training courses that provide an unparalleled experience that is tailored to your specific needs. According to Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify, “one-size-fits-all training programs are no longer enough. Instead, a more individualized and continuous approach to learning is necessary to help workers develop their individual strengths which can positively impact their job success and the company’s bottom line”.

We’re extremely proud of our online learning centre. We designed the centre to complement the existing support we provide and reinforce in-person and live online training. We were one of the first providers of such a resource in the industry. Today, we remain a step ahead of other providers. For more than 10 years, we have developed and curated an extensive list of resources, including over 200 different tutorials for our software systems.

Our deep-rooted understanding of the industry and our clients’ needs, allows us to provide resources that are unmatched by other providers. As world events continue to unfold and change the future path of our industry, we continue to collaborate with customers to best service their needs and better their understanding of our software. The e-learning opportunities Agronomix provide means that everyone is within learning distance.

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