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Genovix® Making Big Strides in Plant Breeding Market

Published May 11, 2020 by Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.

Since the announcement of Genovix at the ISF World Seed Congress last year, Agronomix
has been working tirelessly on developing Genovix® further. They have started making big strides in the plant breeding market across the world. At its launch, it was a complete Variety Testing System. But since then, the Plant Breeding and Seed Inventory modules have been added. Thus making Genovix a full Plant Breeding and Variety Testing software system. Even though it has only been available for a few months, sales have been encouraging for Agronomix. One of the key people Agronomix attribute to their big strides in the sales success of Genovix is Zacharie Fowler.

Zacharie Fowler, B.Comm (Hons.)

Fowler, a graduate of the University of Manitoba, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree awarded with distinction. Hired in 2018 as Agronomix’ International Sales Representative, Fowler has attended many of the larger trade shows such as ASTA CSS, Flower and Veg, and Euroseeds. Fowler has already shown much interest in the seed industry. He is committed to seeing plant breeders and researchers have the best tools available to them. As an acknowledgment of his contribution to Agronomix, and his dedication to the industry, Agronomix has promoted Fowler to the position of Business Development Professional. Fowler has already brought connections to new and emerging technologies, such as drones and field sensors, to Agronomix and in his new role will continue to explore connections to companies and organizations on the cutting edge of the seed development sector.

Big Strides forward in Genovix® Tutorials available to Clients

2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of Agronomix Software and they continue to lead the world with the best plant breeding software. With new connections to innovative companies, their goal is to offer more productivity and lower costs for their clients. Furthermore, Agronomix reached a milestone recently, with over 100 Genovix tutorials available through their Client Learning Center on their website


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