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Multilingual Software – Genovix is Plant Breeding in your language

Published April 7, 2021 by Boma N-Chris, Technical Sales Professional

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At Agronomix Software, we are never stagnant. We are evolving alongside the plant breeding industry. We are continuously problem-solving to meet the behind the scenes needs of plant breeders with Genovix. Well, we are at it again by making Genovix multilingual. We have heard the needs of our international clients and we have acted on those needs. In this article, we will talk about how this is about to revolutionize the plant breeding industry. Indeed, we are behind you for the long run. In the comments, let us know how a plant breeding software in your language will be a game changer for you.

Importance of multilingual Plant breeding software

The plant breeding industry is very much present all over the world. However, languages differ in different parts of the world. Consequently, diverse plant breeding software plays a huge role. If plant breeding is not restricted to any part of the world, then why should there be a language barrier? As I constantly relate with plant breeders from different parts of the world, I can comment on how language poses as a barrier. Plant breeders are tirelessly working to enhance the quality and diversity of food to meet the growing world food demand. The team at Agronomix Software is pleased to contribute to these efforts through breaking the language barrier which shows up in the implementation of the software used.

Genovix is now available in French, Latin American Spanish and Portuguese, with more languages coming soon. What does this mean for plant breeders? Perhaps, this makes their work more personal, more interesting. Makes them feel heard, knowing that the work they do truly matters. It helps work with their assistants and technicians in their own language, they feel more included and willing to use the software.

Plant Breeders reviewing data on a tablet

Genovix now available in:

  • English
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Multilingual and efficiency

Plant breeding is all about efficiency. At a time like this, efficiency in the plant breeding industry can never be over-emphasized. Efficiency is about using less resources to increase results and productivity. Plant breeding software in your language means less time with trying to understand a different language. Therefore, that time and effort is put into other ongoing breeding processes.  Accordingly, Genovix users will not have to worry about hiring employees who are only proficient in English. Now they have the opportunity to cast a wider net when hiring, with less focus on potential language barrier.

Genovix- A truly global multilingual brand!

Having multilingual plant breeding software is not the norm for in the plant breeding industry. However, at Agronomix Software we are not satisfied with “fitting in a box”. We are delighted to go above and beyond for our clients. Translating Genovix in different languages proves our heart to build trust, and provide genuine support to our clients. Thus, appreciating the variety and differences that we encounter while providing our services to the international community. A truly global brand, Genovix lives up to its identity. Furthermore, not just our software is multilingual. Our staff too are from a variety of countries: Canada, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Haiti, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom.


Are you in the market for plant breeding software that is truly multilingual? If so, Genovix is here to serve you!

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