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Encouraging the Next Generation – Coding For a Better Future

Published March 29, 2022 by Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.


Coding is slowly becoming a skill that’s essential for every person to have. As we transition to an increasingly digital world, it’s important that coding becomes something everyone can learn and enjoy. The advantages of coding aren’t limited to creating websites and apps, there are also many other ways that coding can benefit our lives today. As such, it’s important that we encourage the next generation to get into coding.

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Why Encourage Coding?

Coding offers young people a unique opportunity to learn about different fields and develop new skills. Here are some reasons why you may want to encourage the next generation to learn how to code:

1. It Helps Them Think Critically

Critical thinking is one of the most important attributes needed to succeed in your life and your career. This includes being able to analyze problems and find solutions. In order to do this effectively, learning how to code will help them understand how things work. Individuals who learn how to code need to carefully analyze several lines of code before they’re able to solve a problem. Because of this, they learn how to think critically and how to solve problems faster than others.

2. It Improves Their Communication Skills

Learning how to code helps individuals improve their communication skills, as well as their ability to communicate with others. When people learn new programming languages, they need to be able to understand how to use the language. This includes understanding new terms and concepts, leading to better comprehension and communication skills. In addition, coding requires collaboration with others on projects to keep track of all changes and updates. As a result, it helps a person learn how to properly communicate with others to get their ideas across.

3. It Encourages Creativity

Coding encourages individuals to think outside of the box and come up with unique ideas. This leads to creativity and innovation which then gets translated into real-world applications. People who learn how to code are more likely to be creative because they’re constantly trying out new technologies and methods.

4. It Teaches Them Discipline and Persistence

When someone learns how to code, they gain discipline and persistence. Learning how to code teaches individuals to stick with tasks until they reach their goals. It also teaches them to persist when faced with challenges or setbacks. Coding isn’t a very easy skill, and those who want to learn it need to have strong determination and perseverance. These lessons they learn from coding will help them throughout their lives.

5. It Provides Job Opportunities

Coding is becoming more and more popular among job seekers, especially with the rise of technology. As a result, it’s not hard to see why learning how to code could provide opportunities for employment. Individuals who have skills in coding stand out from the crowd and are often hired by companies looking for talented developers.

How to Encourage Coding

Now that you know the different benefits of coding, here are a few tips on how to encourage your kids to start learning how to code:

1. Start Simple

If you want to encourage coding in children, then you should start simple. There’s no use in bombarding them with technical jargon since this can scare them away. Instead, teach them the basic concepts of coding by using different e-Learning tools such as videos, games, and interactive quizzes. You can even get them involved by teaching them something related to coding like robotics or app development. Just by exposing them to the basics of coding, you will already help them build interest in the topic.

2.  Keep Things Fun

Children love having fun, and if you want them to enjoy learning how to code, then make sure that you keep things fun. Don’t force them to sit through boring lectures or tutorials. If possible, try to incorporate some kind of gaming element into the lesson plan. There are several games and apps online that allow children to learn more about coding without feeling pressured.

3. Provide Them the Necessary Tools 

Once your kids have shown interest in learning how to code, give them access to various tools that they can use to start building their own programs. You can provide them with laptops and text editors that can easily let them experiment with coding. These tools can be used to create websites, games, animations, and more. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good at programming or not; all that matters is that they’re passionate enough about it to explore further.

4. Let Them Ask Questions

Finally, let your kids ask questions whenever they want. Remember that children are naturally curious, so you should encourage them to ask more questions about the subject matter. Try to answer their questions patiently and honestly. If necessary, refer them to resources online where they can find answers to their queries.

Learning how to code offers a variety of benefits for young children. Whether it’s teaching them essential engineering skills, helping them develop better critical thinking skills, or providing them with job opportunities later down the road, there’s plenty of reason to learn how to code. As such, it’s best to encourage them to learn the skill so that they can have a better future.

This article was written by Regi Publico Blogging on behalf of Agronomix Software. Regi is a full-time writer from Manilla, Philippines. She is as passionate about writing as she is about reading her huge collection of books.

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