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Plant Breeding Software…on the Cloud

Published August 27, 2018 by Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.

For 28 years Agronomix Software has been at the forefront of developing plant breeding data management software solutions, starting with the original AGROBASE.

Since 2001 AGROBASE Generation II® has changed the way breeders around the world interact with their data and each year it gets better. Initially the Core System was available with the Advanced Statistics and Varietal Comparisons modules. A few months later the Pedigree Data Management (now known as


Plant Breeding) module was added to the suite followed by the Image Display and Seed Inventory modules in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

In 2012 AGROBASE Tablet® was launched, again changing the way breeders and researchers can work with their data. AGROBASE Tablet enables the user to take stored data into the field or greenhouse and change, update or add new information based on the traits they observe on the plant in the experiment. Once back in wifi range or using cellular/mobile (3G/4G) data, the updates can be sent back to the database in just two taps of the screen in a matter of seconds.


In 2016 to make AGROBASE Generation II even greater Agronomix Software Inc., together with input from Agronomix Europe SAS and China Golden Markers, launched AGROBASE Cloud®. Now your plant breeding research data can be stored in highly secure datacentres available to the authorised user from anywhere in the world at any time and from any device. This level of availability and protection is a huge leap forward for how plant breeding professionals use modern plant breeding software.

In his latest article for Dr. Mulitze considers the amount of time lost by not using quality Plant Breeding software such as AGROBASE Generation II®. “Are you losing 2½ weeks of work?” considers how far technology has come in a very short time and that so many breeders and researchers have not moved with the times.

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Dreamstime 15515459

If you are a breeder or researcher and are serious about your data and your research program, you should consider how you are using, storing and analysing your data and whether you can do it better by using AGROBASE Generation II. One client told us recently that by using AGROBASE Generation II they chose a better variety which could stay on the market for an additional year, making the company an additional $1m.

Can you afford to stay in spreadsheets or inferior software?

Would you prefer your breeders to be making the best decisions, using the best tools available?

Contact Agronomix Software.


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