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Maintaining Client Connections

Published June 29, 2021 by Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.

B2B, B2C? How about H2H? Acronyms Everywhere but not a Word in Sight!

Most of us are quite familiar with the acronyms B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). But at Agronomix, we don’t think like that. We work on building H2H (Human to Human)and maintaining client connections. Yes, we are operating and representing a business and most of our clients are other businesses. However, our interactions are with people first and foremost. Thus fulfilling our mission of providing the best software for human plant breeders to feed the worlds growing human population.

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Human to Human

Businesses across the globe have continued leveraging technology to enhance their operations and hence their performance. At the same time, technology has continued to advance, providing businesses with more functionalities that enhance the efficiency of their operations. As such, companies seek to enhance their businesses, they focus on engaging other organizations as partners to enhance their business. However, as the emphasis on the use of technology has continued increasing, businesses have started losing touch with their customers. This has resulted in the application of technology in various processes, including serving and responding to customers. Thus, businesses end up engaging their customers with robots and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although these approaches enhance the efficiency with which customers are served, they miss out on a key component: how the customer feels.

The Agronomix Difference

At Agronomix, we believe in engaging our customers beyond providing efficient services. We believe in meeting our customers’ expectations, addressing their feelings, and providing personalized solutions to each unique challenge faced. In addition, we create immense opportunities for our customers to be part of something bigger. This way, we create a lasting impact on the organizations that we reach. These are a few measures we have taken to ensure that we have surpassed each of the clients’ expectations .

Opportunities to create an impact

Our solutions have in mind that our customers want to create a lasting positive impact in their communities. As a result, our products are designed in a way that protect the environment where they are used. Genovix® can help increase production to ensure that the customers contribute to enhancing food security, both locally and globally.

Client Inclusion

In our endeavor to ensure that we are addressing the real-world challenges that our customers face. We have created various avenues to constantly receive feedback about the different products and perform in different areas. This feedback allows us to not only continually enhance our products but give our customers an opportunity to be part of the process. We value the feedback we receive from our clients. And we are keen to ensure that we act on it in a timely manner. The feedback we have received has been crucial in creating Genovix®. And it drives our continual development of Genovix®.

Capacity Building

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We believe in creating an impact that goes beyond us. We have carefully designed The Learning Center where our clients increase their capability in Genovix®. In turn, this helps to improve the area of research conducted by the client. As we seek to address the different challenges our clients face, we stand with them by providing the best tools. Since we value the work that our clients do in those organizations, we constantly seek to enhance their capacity to use our products and enhance the realization of their goals. Our objective is to help them understand our products better and, in the process, assist them in using them to create the impact that they desire.


The success of engaging our customers is purely based on simplicity. We acknowledge that our customers need an in-depth understanding of the complex products they use to create their desired impact. This calls for us to design basic strategies for the understanding of the various concepts around the use of the products. Through simplistic approaches, we are able to onboard our clients and hence allow us to be part of the good work they do.

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