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Welcome to our blog, here you will find a collection of articles written by experts in plant breeding and related data collection, data analysis, entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Our intention is to encourage and inform others who are:

  • Using plant breeding software
  • Leading others
  • Entrepreneurs

To get the most out of what they are using, encourage and develop those they are leading and consider their own business from other angles to help you to grow.

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The Essential Guide to Strategic Succession Planning

The Essential Guide to Strategic Succession Planning for Business Owners

significance over success

Why I favour significance over success

Elevating agricultural efficiency

Elevating Agricultural Efficiency: The Essential Role of Crop Yield Tracking and Genovix Software in Plant Breeding

Due Diligence Blog Banner Sm

Is Due Diligence Essential When Choosing Scientific Research Software?


Agronomix host their largest software training course in Adelaide, Australia.

plant breeding and variety testing software

5 Reasons Genovix® Should Be Your Plant Breeding & Variety Testing Software of Choice

e-learning with Agronomix

How Agronomix E-Learning Empowers Employees & Benefits Your Bottom Line

plant breeding

Plant Breeding: A Game Changer for Future Industry Challenges

Agronomix Linkedin May

A New & Exciting Chapter: Agronomix & Cultura Technologies

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Leading in an Ethical Manner Brings Great Rewards

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Encouraging the Next Generation – Coding For a Better Future

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The Rise of WFH (Work From Home)

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Benefits of eLearning in a Business Environment

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Leading in the IoT Era

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eLearning – Increase ROI from software

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10 Resume Mistakes To Avoid When Applying for a Job

J.sun Headshot Rotated

Welcome to Agronomix Jia Sun – Our New Genovix® Specialist

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Everyone Wants More Time, Few Can Create It

201911 Kidist

Cut Your Plant Breeding Time with Bioinformatics

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A Hidden Cost of Plant Breeding Staff Turnover – Will it Impact You?

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Expansion of Genovix application towards conservation of global plant diversity

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Food Security, One Breeder at a Time

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Maintaining Client Connections

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Why I Chose Agriculture

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The Agronomix Learning Center

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Art in Plant Breeding

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Multilingual Software – Genovix is Plant Breeding in your language

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7 Reasons Why Plant Breeding Software is Crucial in the Time of COVID

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Tracing Genes VITAL to Plant Breeding Success

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Impact of growth on company’s Culture

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Genovix, now with Bioinformatics Module

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The Critical Role of Plant Breeding Software

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Bioinformatics – The future of Genovix®

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Human Appreciation of Plants

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The Importance of Quality Technical Support

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Strategic Alliance Agronomix Software & Progeny Drone

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8 MASSIVE Benefits of Cloud Computing

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A History of Drones: From Humble Beginnings to the Impact on Plant Breeding

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The Agronomix Learning Center

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Genovix® Making Big Strides in Plant Breeding Market

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Breeding Software “Built Like a Rock”!

Css Seed Expo 2019

Agronomix Today – December 2019

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Getting started with Genovix


4 Unexpected Costs of Developing your own Plant Breeding System

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Genovix combines power with simplicity

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Don’t Settle for Less

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Agronomix branding by PS One

World Seed Congress

Agronomix Today – May 2019

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New Variety Testing Software

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Is Your Plant Breeding Data Secure?

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Corporate Art Gallery for Greater Inspiration


Agronomix Today – February 2019

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The Future Is Now

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Plant Breeding Software or Spreadsheets – a million dollar difference

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What Can the Cloud Do for You?

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So How Much Do You Think Your Seed Company Is Worth?

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Your Most Important Client is Your Next One

Are You Using ALL Your Data?

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Award-Winning Year – CIO Review 2018

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What I Learned from… Buying my First Compact SUV

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Hey Client! Don’t Be a Stranger

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Data Standardization: The Crux of a Functioning Relational Database

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Statistical Analyses Trapped in Time – And It Could Really Cost You

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Introducing…Our Staff

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Overcoming a Mental Roadblock for Using Plant Breeding Software

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New Strategic Alliance for Plant Breeding Software in China

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Pushing Spreadsheets with your PhD?

Dreamstime Xs 79891311

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Company?

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Plant Breeding Software…on the Cloud

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Relational Database: Jargon or Jewel?

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Plant Breeders Aren’t Robots, They’re Human

Coins Currency Investment Insurance 128867

Are You Losing 2.5 Weeks of Work?

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How a Three-Minute Interview and Flight 155 Became Pivotal Career Moments

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Agronomix Appoints New President

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