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Genovix® was launched at the International Seed Federation World Seed Congress 2019 in Nice, France and builds on our long history and experience in developing variety testing and plant breeding software. It is designed using all the latest application technologies and sits on the robust Microsoft® SQL-Server.


NEWS: Agronomix joins CULTURA

On June 1, 2022 it was publicly announced that Agronomix Software has joined the CULTURA Technologies group.

Agronomix will continue to operate as it has been but with support from a larger organization. Agronomix will continue to develop and improve Genovix® with its team of dedicated on-site developers and experienced plant breeders under the leadership of Christopher Leonard (who continues as President) supported by Dieter Mulitze, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer).

“We are excited to become part of the Cultura Technologies LLC group of companies,” said Christopher Leonard. “Joining Cultura gives our employees and customers an opportunity to leverage global business resources and realize synergies with grain and produce companies, and their customers. The net result for Agronomix as a Cultura company will be a stronger market presence in the global plant breeding and seeds industry, to the ultimate benefit of our clients globally.”

Who Are Cultura?

Cultura Technologies is the largest independent group of agribusiness software companies in the world, with operations in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. Cultura brings together like-minded agri-food technology businesses that collectively advance food supply chain sustainability – today, in the future, and across the globe. Cultura is a division of Volaris Group, which is an operating group of Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX:CSU), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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We offer a complete solution for all stages of variety testing – from data management and trial creation to field plans, statistical analyses, selection decisions and final reports.

From our interaction with variety testers since 1990, we have developed specific tools for field and row, forage, grass, vegetable, horticultural, annual and perennial crops. Experimental designs range from simple strip or non-replicated tests to replicated generalized lattices, with all the analytics. Our spatial analyses will estimate and remove the confounding effects of actual field trends to determine the most likely genetic ranking of varieties and thus the most optimal selection and promotion decisions. A set of tools and analyses for genotype x environment interactions, Head-to-Head analyses with curvilinear graphs, relative varietal performance, data visualization and more help to identify superior varieties and hybrids across environments and years.


Our software solution supports the breeding of many field, vegetable, flower and horticultural crops.

Many breeding systems are supported – self and open pollinating, inbred development, hybrid, doubled-haploid, male sterility, clones, polycrosses, synthetics and more. From our interaction with breeders globally since 1990 across a wide range of crops, we have developed many practical tools and options for customization in nomenclature, pedigrees and population advancement among others. All stages of a breeding program are supported – germplasm data management, cross prediction, crossing blocks, pollination actions, advancing segregating populations, backcrossing, line conversion, nursery management also with mating layouts for hybrids, selections and more.

Our advanced relational database architecture facilitates data linkages and a history of genotypic development across generations, dendrograms, linking molecular data, marker assisted backcrossing, viewing selected traits of parents with any population or cross. Store data on individual plants within populations for selection or crossing. Digital photos of genotypes linked to breeding data are especially relevant for vegetable and horticultural crops breeding programs. Statistical and genetic analyses plus data visualization support breeding and selection. The breeding system is closely integrated with the variety testing and seed or stock inventory system.

Manage your breeding program efficiently, save time, increase your ability to develop and identify superior genotypes.


Seed and often stock (clones, cuttings) can be managed and tracked within a breeding or variety testing program.

Our software maintains multiple seed storage locations as well as multiple seed lots or stock per genotype and is fully customizable for any crop’s traits. Seed lots can be based on weight or count, even both for the same genotype. Seed lots can be imported or created from trials and nurseries and allocated for the next season or years planting. Allocation can involve plot size, seeding density, seed weight, germination percentage and any other factor to calculate the amount of seed required for each genotype for each plot across an entire trial and then generate a report listing the number of seed packets and total amount of seed required for each genotype. Genotypic traits can be directly linked to seed lot or stock traits for optimal control and seed allocation decisions. Reports, labels and barcodes support the many practical seed lot management tasks. As well as complete transaction control, the seamless integration with our variety testing and plant breeding system expedites hybrid crops development and producing hybrid seed.


Develop hybrids and varieties faster, more efficiently and with greater precision via bioinformatics tools integrated into your breeding program.

Bioinformatics, the development and utilization of software tools to understand increasing amounts of biological data, continues to impact plant breeding. With lower costs for DNA sequencing and related technologies plus more advances in bioinformatics, more breeders and seed companies are using bioinformatics in their breeding programs. The objective is to reduce the time, space and expense of conventional plant breeding programs to develop new hybrids and cultivars. This includes the utilization of molecular markers for important traits, robust algorithms to analyze the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) data and a growing understanding of gene expression in a crop’s genome.

Bioinformatics Consulting now available.

Scientist examining bioinformatics data

In response to the industry changes and the requests of plant breeders, Genovix now offers a bioinformatics module. This module offers a seamless data connection between a breeder’s data in Genovix and the SNP data related to the chosen genotypes. The final results are then directly updated in the Genovix database. Parallel processing is utilized with large datasets. Thus, there is no need to export data, run another software package and import the results into Genovix – all of which takes time and effort. The module includes genomic prediction, a powerful analysis to assist the breeder in making selections and advancing breeding lines while saving time and cost. This tool in Genovix does the pre-processing of nucleotide data, allows user thresholds and checks for genetic distortion, among other capabilities.

We also offer consulting in bioinformatics, typically for smaller seed companies that do not have the budget to hire data scientists and related overhead, but still want to benefit from this technology to remain competitive.
Bioinformatics, available with Genovix®, to help understand and analyse biological data.


We can host your data with our software on the cloud – highly secure, global access, always backed up – no worries.

Some of our users have experienced hardware failures wherein months of data have been lost. In a few cases, incredibly, the responsible IT staff did no backups for weeks or months, with serious consequences. In other cases, client IT response has been slow, with users waiting weeks or months for an update for our software. Others compared the costs of outsourcing their IT and discovered that our costs are less. Since we know our software and all the requirements best, we can do the tasks faster and more reliably.

These are some of the reasons why more of our users around the world, as well as many of our recent new clients, are choosing our cloud software as a service option. We take care of it all – selecting the server according to your needs, all the installation, moving your data to the cloud, all the scalability changes done in hours if your needs increase, all updates, all the maintenance, faster and more direct support, all the backups and more – following the highest industry standards. Reduce the risk of hackers, worms, viruses and more. We use the Azure® or AWS® datacentres around the world, with your own private space on your server, for highest level of security. Our larger clients request geo-redundancy where all the data is also backed up onto another datacentre. We recommend that clients download a backup to their premises as well.

Consider our cloud deployment for all the concrete advantages so that you can focus on what you do best.


Off-line data capture has many advantages over field books or entering data into a spreadsheet.

Genovix Mobile® is compatible with Android® or iOS® phones or tablets as well as Windows® tablets. The secure Remote Data Manager tool in Genovix downloads and uploads experiments or nurseries for Genovix Mobile while connected to the internet. Data capture in the field, lab or greenhouse occurs offline. The same tablet could hold experiments or nurseries for different breeding or variety testing programs. In addition to data, Genovix Mobile can capture and upload digital photos, plot comments and GPS co-ordinates. Bar code reading via Bluetooth identifies a given plot or plant and simplifies data entry.

Data input can be on a plot, subsample, repeated measure or individual plant basis. There are many options to customize the interface and save time in data entry. These include timed data entry per plot or subsample, data validation rules, plot navigation options and a toggle to go from the plot data entry view to a data table view of all data entered so far. When done and again connected to the internet, Genovix Mobile can upload many thousands of data points with any images and other information, securely and exactly synchronized to a Genovix SQL database. The Remote Data Manager ensures final data validation and approval before data synchronization.

Our users in several continents appreciate the considerable amount of time saved each year with this secure application.

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